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  • a-c121 fingerprint time attendance (A-C121)
    NEW Realand AC121 Fingerprint Time Recorder Attendance Work System ID USB TCP/IP


    This is an innovative fingerprint recorder that can be used in Time Attendance Check applications.
    It adopts the latest and accurate industrialized algorithm.
    It has refined fashion, integrates attendance management software, with competitive price and good performance.
    Designed specially in the purpose of popularizing the fingerprint products.
    It could store 2,000 fingerprint templates and 100,000 transaction records. 
    It will bring you much boon because of its excellent function and competitive price.

    This fingerprint attendance management system contains two parts : fingerprint time attendance terminal and RIMS software.
    Fingerprint time attendance terminal is for enrolling user fingerprints and normal attendance record.
    RIMS software is for downloading attendance record from the terminal and managing the attendance record.
    Communication methods between the fingerprint time attendance terminal and the RIMS software in the Computer : USB, and USB Flash Drive.

    Easy to learn. Once enroll the fingerprint, you can share it on other Realand terminals.
    Eliminates mistakes in calculating work hours and other human errors (manual re-entering, etc.).
    Avoid "Buddy Punching". Fingerprint authentication makes time cheating imposible.

    Time Attendance Terminal

    • Strictly follow the national security product standard
    • Support USB HOST and USB CLIENT and TCP/IP communication
    • New version algorithms with dependability and accuracy, identification speed obviously improved
    • Can process 2,000 fingerprints, no matter good or poor, within 1 second
    • Adopting the CMOS color sensor chip, makes the fingerprint sensor perfect
    • USB flash drive download / upload, makes the attendance data collection convenient
    • Powerful management software, detailed instructions for you
    • Big capacity FLASH and CMOS chips, Open SDK, professional technical support, easy to integrate with various systems
    • Sensor with quality image, accepts dry, wet fingers
    • Adjust image distortion, assure fingerprint matching consistency
    • Support 360-degree rotation identification, easy to use
    • Fingerprint / Card / Password / Fingerprint+Card / Fingerprint+Password / Card+Password / Fingerprint+Card+Password identification modes are all available
    • You can download the attendance data by the TCP/IP Network port or the USB Flash Drive and the USB Communication

    Management Software

    The powerful management software is designed to read attendance record from the terminal or USB stick, to set your checking rules, to calculate worked hours, and to generate various kind of statistical reports.
    The key functions include:

    • Monitor employee attendance
    • Calculate and maintain overtime
    • Track vacation and sick time
    • Quickly retrieve historical data
    • Print out time card
    • Schedule employee hours
    • Flexible holiday / shift rule and shift pattern setting

    Technical Specifications:

    TFT Screen Size 2.8" Colour TFT (320 x 240)
    Fingerprint Sensor Energy-saving Optical Fingerprint Sensor (Resolution: 500 dpi)
    CPU Up to 200MHz CPU CLK and 100MHz system operating frequency makes faster recognition speed
    Fingerprint Capacity 2,000
    Log Capacity 100,000 events
    Communication USB, TCP/IP
    USB Flash Drive Upload/Download Available
    Identification Mode Fingerprint / (Proximity) ID Card / Password
    Proximity RFID card(125Khz, EM4100)
    Record Query Available (people can query their own attendance record after authentication)
    Rotational Angle Total Rotational Angle
    Identification Time ≤ 0.8s
    FRR ≤ 0.1%
    FAR ≤ 0.0001%
    Operating Mode Off-line / On-line
    Authentication Mode 1:1 , 1:N
    Language English, Chinese, Korean
    Voice Prompt Available
    Bell Built-in timing bell
    Self Test Available
    Power Consumption Management Auto Sleep Time, Auto Power Off Time
    Software RAMS Software (Realand Attendance Management System)
    Power Adaptor DC 12V / 1A
    Operating Environment Operating Temp: 0℃ - 50℃, Humidity (RH): 20% - 80%
    Size of the Terminal 190(L) X 140(W) X 41.5(H) mm


    Package includes:
    1 x Realand A-C121 Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal
    1 x USB Cable

    1 x CD Rom (Management Software + User Maunal e-Copy)
    2 x Installation Kit

    1 x DC12V AC Adoptor (100V - 240V Input)
    1 x Adaptor plug to suit your country (if applicable)

    Important Notice:
    This item does not come with a hard copy of User Manual, there is only an e-Copy inside the CD Rom.

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